About Me

Randall A.My name is Randall, and I write for various blogs, including the "Brighter Earth" blog. I'm currently a student in college, and I plan on majoring in the Business field. My ideal career would place me at the top of my own, successful business, creating jobs for thousands of people and using much of the profits to help charities and causes around the world.

I enjoy such hobbies as reading, going out, experiencing new cultures, and of course writing and charity. Hopefully, traveling will be on my repertoire of interests in the future, and that I will be able to see the wonders of the world firsthand. I also enjoy National Geographic magazine and channel, History channel, and the Smithsonian magazine.

Another hobby I love is writing reviews; it is another way I can practice my writing. I publish my reviews on my Epinions page, as it actually allows users to earn a small bit of revenue in addition to writing the reviews. It also has a wonderful community that helps with the writing process, and I feel that some day, my writing may reach the professional level I've always dreamed it would reach thanks to the help I receive from people like them.

I decided to create the Brighter Earth blog after discovering the wonderful site FreeRice.com. I thought, "I need to get this out to as many people as possible," and the blog was born! Now, I write articles on various causes and charities (non-profit and otherwise), focusing largely on those that are easy and free. I believe that the easier it is to help causes, the more that people will participate. After all, we're not here to make money; we're here to help the world.

Do good for the world, and you're doing good for yourself.