Sunday, September 5, 2010 - We Donate 1 Cup of Water to World Vision Every Time You Win

We donate 1 cup of water to World Vision every time you win

UPDATE: is down.
=== is a click-to-give charity site that operates much like the other click-to-give sites, especially FreeRice. To start, you the "Play" button in the dialog box, and it will give you a question and an answer. In the answer is a number that you must remember within the short time allotted, and when it disappears, you must input the correct number. The level will increase as you enter right answers in a row, or decrease for wrong answers. For each right answer, 1 cup of water will be donated. For quite a bit of time, the game is very simple.

It works in the same way many of its click-to-give contemporaries do: you answer to refresh the page, and with it, a new ad appears. On, the ad is at the top of the page, in banner form. The price of the ad's placement pays for the donations; thus the more one plays, the more money the sponsors must pay, and the more that is donated. donates the water to World Vision, which is an international relief and development organization. According to the World Vision International 'What We Do' page:

"Because poverty has both local and global causes, World Vision works within communities and across geographical areas to help individuals and groups improve the well-being of children and overcome poverty."

They do not work by themselves, however. They engage many other groups and people to participate in the betterment of their communities, and their world. Also on the 'What We Do' page, they state:

"World Vision engages institutions, donors and the general public to address the global problems that perpetuate poverty. Advocacy staff empower communities to speak up for their rights, locally and globally."

Another popular World Vision charity is AIDtoCHILDREN, about whom I wrote an article in my last post. AIDtoCHILDREN also donates to those in need by asking one a question, and paying for the donations through ads. AIDtoCHILDREN donates such things as school supplies, clothing, and food to impoverished children around the world.

If you want to help those in the developing world and disaster areas get fresh, clean water, get to playing on!


  1. I like the mission of your website. Keep up the good work of spreading the word.

  2. @Joshua Parker ~ Thanks! Always good to hear something from a reader. I appreciate the kind words, and I will definitely keep on spreading the word of charity. :]

  3. Very nice concept for a website. There are so many good online organizations with a great mission. I've never really understood the funding for them though. I clicked on and the numbers game looked very easy.
    Thanks for the interesting article!
    Melody ("Starbucks Melody")

  4. @Melody206: It's all quite easy when someone breaks it down, eh? :]

    That's why I write these articles. There's just so many out there, and they're run by so many people (including the.. 'shadier'.. of organizations) that it's hard for people to get going.

    I like to provide them all at a glance; if you'll notice on the sidebar, there's a box just for the links! You can open them all up whenever you please. :D

    Hopefully we'll see you back, Melody. I look forward to it. :]

  5. I'm glad you have shared your site... I'm always looking for other ways to help and really had no idea about these click-to-give sites . This is a great and easy way to help out. Thanks so much!

  6. @Rose: Thanks for the kinds words; they are always appreciated here. :D

    I think the click-to-give idea is perhaps one of charity's greatest inventions so far, and I believe some day soon they'll be the leader in charitable donations!

    Thanks for stopping by, again, Rose, and maybe we'll see you weighing in on more articles to come. ;D