Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update! FreeRice Releases Beta of New Layout

The site we know and love - FreeRice - has released a new beta version for users to test out. The new beta site is for everyone to use. It has some new features that will definitely impress anyone who has used the site before the beta (as well as those who lamented the lack of a leader board!) and even a new, fancier layout.

Among the new features is the ability to create an account. With the creation of accounts, one has access to joining, creating, and playing for new user groups, and keeping track of their total scores (either individually or for an entire group). Also requiring an account is the friends system. Having an account may be integral to accessing all of the new goodies on the site, but it's not necessary to play the game.

Save for the necessary addition of account creation, groups are perhaps the most important update to the FreeRice game in the beta. Groups allow users to compete in rice count; competition will surely raise the rice count. Players can join multiple groups, but can only play for one at a time. To "play" for a group, simply click the double arrow button next to "Groups" on your info bar, and then select the group you wish to play for. The top 5 players will be featured on the group's information.

In addition to receiving recognition through groups, players can show off by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Such information such as totals earned per group, overall, etc. can be posted. Extensive information on totals can be viewed on the user profiles, which can also feature a website, some personal information, and a description.

Go to the FreeRice beta now!


  1. FreeRice is such a great site. I loved the idea when I first came across it! My favorite way to play is testing my foreign language vocabularies.

    These new features such as groups look like they will certainly increase competition and it's always smart for a site like this to make it easy to connect to Facebook and Twitter. I think these additions are good and will definitely make a difference for FreeRice's popularity.

  2. @Andrew Walsh: I loved it myself, as well, haha. FreeRice is actually the reason I started this blog; I wanted to get the word out on it, but I didn't know how! Then I thought, "I could blog about simple ways to help the world!" :]

    You and I think alike, my friend. Hopefully this will boost the site's popularity (as it has their rice count). I used to do maybe a thousand or two every week, and be like, "Wow, what a mind workout!" Then, with groups, I was competing. I created a Brighter Earth group, and I wanted to move up the list. So, I started working harder. Try five thousand.. in one day!