Monday, June 28, 2010

Charitii - Play Multiple-choice Crossword Puzzles for Charity.

"Play multiple-choice crossword puzzles for charity"

Charitii is another very easy game that donates to a worthy cause where all you have to do is play. There actually multiple causes, but it's main (and original) cause is donating water to places where it's much needed, and hard to get. As soon as you get on, you can start playing to get donations for whichever cause you chose.

Charitii bases itself around the same things that sites like FreeRice, The Hunger Site, and GamesThatGive base themselves around: advertisements. By playing the game, you earn money via the advertisements for the site, which then gets used to pay for donations to the cause you chose. The site itself features the banner at the bottom, much like FreeRice, and in the same way, bots can cause problems, since advertisers will not invest their money if it's only bots viewing the ads.

You don't have to play anonymously, though; you can register. The register button is at the top right, as well as right under the box with the "Difficulty Level" in it. Once you register, it will save the charity you choose, as well as the amount of points you have earned for that charity. The charities are, as listed on the Charitii site (with the amount donated for each correct answer):

charity: water: 10 ounces of water
Invisible Youth Network ??? Unknown (10 points)
The Nature Conservancy: 10 square inches of rainforest
The Oaktree Foundation: 10 minutes of education
Philippine Aid Society: ??? Unknown (10 points)

For each question you get correct, 10 points will be added to your score. For every two correct answers you give, the difficulty will rise one level. For every one wrong answer, it will go down one level. After a specific amount correct, one letter will disappear, and then two, and so on until it becomes too hard to figure out, and starts over. If you are registered, your score and difficulty will be left from the previous session; if you are not, it will be reset.

Just in the month of July 2009, the highest donating month for charity: water, Charitii claims 11,000 gallons of water were donated. In the same month, they also claim to have donated almost 54,200 feet of rainforest for The Nature Conservancy, and almost 13,000 minutes of education for the Oaktree Foundation.

You can help the world, as well. All you have to do is go the site, play their word game, and aid a cause that could really use it: Charitii.

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