Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Hunger Site - To Help Eradicate World Hunger

The Hunger Site
"The heart and soul of The Hunger Site's mission, to help eradicate world hunger, is rooted in the struggle against poverty and hopelessness."

The Hunger Site is another very simple, easy to use click-to-give. You can earn food for the hungry people around the world by clicking a button on each page. FreeRice.com, as mentioned in my previous post, utilized the genius idea pioneered here by The Hunger Site.

The point of the site, like FreeRice.com, is for people to actually view a page in which there are advertisements. The money generated from the viewing of these advertisements is used to buy food for the hungry. However, unlike FreeRice.com, you can only click once a day (though this one click pays for a whopping 1.1 cups of rice, in comparison to the 10 grains per correct click on FreeRice).

You can also check out the other tabs at the very top of the site, such as Literacy, or Breast Cancer, and you can click once a day per cause. Yes, that's right -- you can click once a day for EACH cause, instead of just one. So make your rounds while you're there. The causes listed are:

Breast Cancer
Child Health
Rain Forest
Animal Rescue

The site provides a very useful service to help you remember when to do your daily click: simply click the Daily Reminder button (to the bottom left of the "Click Here To Give - it's free" button) and enter your e-mail. Please note that if you do not wish to receive e-mails from them that are not the daily reminder, you will need to uncheck the box that says, "Send me free weekly e-newsletters."

For doing so, they also claim that you will receive a free wristband for the cause. Also note that this wristband will require you put in a credit card (PayPal is not working for them, currently) and pay about USD $4 shipping and handling, which is way more than a wristband is worth, and I doubt the money goes to charity. I suggest you steer clear of the wristband unless you truly adore it and must have it.

The site was created way back in 1999, by John Breen (the same man who invented FreeRice in 2007, and thus displays notable similarities). It was then sold to GreaterGood, and eventually CharityUSA. The site is not actually a charity, though it started out that way. As quoted on Wikipedia and similarly stated on the site itself, "CharityUSA currently claims that 100% of the website's sponsor advertising revenue is paid to... non-profit partners."

Any way the site works, all it takes from you is one click a day-- that's just seconds of your time daily-- to give some food to those who need it. With the Daily Reminder to your e-mail, it's only easier. Check it out, and do your part for humanity: The Hunger Site.

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